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The 4 rules to avoid skin infections

1. Clean the mats after each training session
Parasites find refuge in training mats. They reproduce in warm and moist spaces waiting for the next host. It is therefore essential to clean the mats after the training session.

2. Do not share training gear
It seems obvious but is a crucial part to prevent the spread of bacteria. Do not share shorts, rashguards, towels, gloves or helmets with other students in your gym.

3. Get clean before the training session
To avoid spreading skin infection, get clean before and after training sessions. Make sure the gear used is unsoiled. It could spread bacteria on mats and others. Personal care is your responsibility.

3.1. Get clean after
Showering with a natural soap offering antifungal properties will greatly help prevent skin infection. Most pathology related to combat sports are fungal infections that can be countered by natural ingredients with antifungal activity such as tea tree oil and geranium oil.

4. Do not train with infected
Raise awareness within students and training partners. Ringworm is a contagious skin infection and you should avoid training until you seek medical attention and get treated.

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