The benefits of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a versatile ingredient that can help prevent body acne, calm inflamed skin, and even help fight fungal infections like ringworm and athlete’s foot. It is used as a low concentration topical treatment for skin conditions. Tea tree oil is also known to help treat dandruff, lice, herpes, insect bites, scabies, and fungal or bacterial skin infections. It is also an effective deodorant that helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

While potent on its own, tea tree oil is often mixed with other ingredients to provide additional lathering benefits. These include eucalyptus which adds anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial activated charcoal or antimicrobial green tea, both of which can help reduce acne. Our blends also contain moisturizing ingredients, such as shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil, to help skin feel soft and hydrated.