What causes ringworm?

Ringworm is a skin rash caused by a fungal infection. The name ringworm is due to its circular appearance on the skin even though no worms are present in this type of infection.

This skin infection is common in the world of combat since it is a bacteria that spreads in hot and humid environments. It is transmitted with skin contact. An infected person who trains with different partners will promote the outbreak of ringworm.

It is important not to train again until the lesion has healed, otherwise you risk transmitting the infection.

In the majority of cases, this infection is treatable with antifungal cream. In more severe cases, a follow-up with a doctor is imperative and the prescription of medication may be necessary.

Consult a doctor if the infected area is not healed after a few days.

The infection can be transmitted through skin contact but also by sharing clothes or towels with an infected person. It is possible for the ringworm to spread on objects like exercise mats and tatami mats. It is essential to clean the mats after each training session.

Exemple de ringworm (teigne) sur la peau
Exemple de ringworm (teigne) sur le bras

Symptoms of ringworm:

  1. Tingling on the affected area
  2. Red, itchy ring-shaped rash

My experience:

When I caught this mild infection I had no idea what it was and was alarmed. Although in the end this infection is mild and it can be treated well, it prevents us from returning to the gym or the dojo for a few days or even a few weeks. For those who practice combat sports frequently, I invite you to read my list of the 6 commandments of cleanliness to avoid contracting any type of skin infection as much as possible.


Exemple de ringworm (teigne) sur la peau
Exemple de ringworm (teigne) sur la peau