What is Tea Tree Oil (TTO)?

Tea Tree Oil is an oil produced by distilling the leaves of trees of Australian origin belonging to the Melaleuca family. The oil we obtain through this process has powerful antifungal and antimicrobial effects.

With the primary mission of preventing skin infections in combat sports with natural products, the Drill team therefore considers this oil to be a very important ingredient in the making of their products. In duo with geranium oil, tea tree essential oil is an excellent natural ally when it comes to preventing skin infections.

Tea Tree Oil origin

The leaves of various Melaleucas were traditionally used by Australian Aborigines for colds, fevers and congestions. The Bundjalung people of the northeast coast of New South Wales crushed the leaves to make herbal teas.

The first study of the medicinal properties of Melaleuca essential oil dates back to Penfold in 1920 and marked the beginning of the use of the oil rather than the fresh plant. Australian chemist Penfold shows that the oil had eleven times the antimicrobial activity of phenol, the common disinfectant of the time.

Legend has it that many Australian soldiers were equipped with a bottle of essential oils during World War II to treat and prevent various skin infections and to repel insects.